It’s A Miracle!

Even though life these past few months has been overwhelming with the buying of one house, selling of another, and dealing with the hassles of moving – all while fitting in almost daily runs, it has been an overwhelmingly positive time. I’m head over heels in love with my new home – the kind of love that turns a blind eye to the cracks in my old, historic bungalow that allow palmetto bugs (aka giant, flying cockroaches) to slip in and all the cool, air-conditioned air to seep out.  And just as important, I’m ecstatic to officially be training for a fall marathon!

To be honest, I had serious doubts whether I would ever be able to train for anything again…I even had one of Charlotte’s best orthopedic surgeons tell me that I may never be able to run another marathon! And I’m still nervous about whether I’ll be able to stay healthy enough through this training cycle to get to the starting line of Sacramento’s California International Marathon. But, to me, to just get to the point that I am able to start training for a marathon feels like a miracle.

OK, so here are the deets….Twenty weeks of training with California International Marathon on December 6th as my peak race. As a guide, I’m actually using the same training schedule as I did for my 2013 Marine Corps Marathon which is the Marathon Level 3 plan from Brad Hudson’s Run Faster From the 5K to the Marathon book. Currently, I’m in week three. I ran 49 miles in week one, 53 miles in week two, and I’m one long run away from 58 miles in week three. I will probably run a couple of shorter events as preparation but there’s nothing official yet…I’ll update the Upcoming Races page when I register. Additionally, I’ll try to at least post my weekly long runs on Strava if you are curious (or bored) and want to track my progress.

Fingers crossed that this may be a miracle training season, but – at the very least – I’ll be happy if I can keep humpty dumpty together enough to keep lacing up my running shoes and getting out the door to do what I love.

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