Bye Bye Bungalow

So, I am probably the worst blogger ever, but I have a really good excuse for my absence. I’ve been crazy busy and preoccupied with the sale of my 1928 bungalow. That’s right – the house has been sold. This is not a joke. I seriously sold my cute little bungalow that I’ve been working so hard on fixing up.

What happened?! – That’s the question you may be asking and certainly one I’ve heard from various friends who were aware that I was planning a massive renovation on the home. Well, the truth is that while waiting on contractors to return quotes, my wondering eye scanned over the MLS and I fell in love with another house. Shameful, I know.

But I promised pictures of the fruits and veggies of my labors, and I am not one to go back on my word.  So, here they are – images of blooming sunflowers that I planted as seeds in the spring, knockout roses that lived up to the name, and a summer harvest that a new family is now (hopefully) enjoying.

Sunflowers Lantana Pic 1 Flowers - 1 Sugar in Front Yard Garden - 1 Produce Produce 2 Produce 3 Knockout Roses

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