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I’m Sold on the Old

I was hoping it was just a really awful rumor…To be sure people aren’t actually letting this happen. But no, it seems like the beautiful old brick building that sits on a triangular lot in South End and is home to several shops including the hipster hangout Common Market is being torn down and replaced […]

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Bye Bye Bungalow

So, I am probably the worst blogger ever, but I have a really good excuse for my absence. I’ve been crazy busy and preoccupied with the sale of my 1928 bungalow. That’s right – the house has been sold. This is not a joke. I seriously sold my cute little bungalow that I’ve been working […]

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A Freakin’ Marathon of a Project

When a runner becomes injured and can no longer do the one thing she loves most, not only does the muscle begin to deteriorate but the mind starts slipping as well…How does the normal population LIVE without running? Are all the non-runners out there as depressed as I am right now?? These are the questions […]

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